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Latest Announcements

MICC 2014 Brochure

Friendly Reminder! =)

Dear MICC2014 delegates,


ONLINE REGISTRATION: Please be informed that all Participants/Presenters have to register via online at www.micc2014.org (Please go to > Rates & Registration > Online Registration). Unless you have emailed to us the softcopy of the registration form. It applies to all paper/innovation Presenters who coming to the conference. Submission of paper/innovation does not indicate you have register to the conference.

PAYMENT: All payments should be received by us before or latest by 28 & 29th October 2014 (registration day). Please email a softcopy of your proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It is advisable to inform the Treasurer in advance before 1st October 2014, if you're planning to pay by cash on the registration day.  

Looking forward to your presence on MICC2014!
Thank you.

Updated Submission Deadlines

Full Poster Submission
15th September 2014

Abstract Submission (for proceeding publication)
15th August 2014

Full paper submission (for journal publication)

Counseling Innovation Competition submission
15th September 2014

Special Announcement

Please be informed that conference fee and counseling innovation fee are separate fees. Those who choose to participate in the counseling innovation competition must also pay conference fee to be included as participant.

Counseling Innovation Competition (C-innocomp)

Perkama International has recently added the C-innocomp to the program of the 1st Malaysia International Counseling Conference. This event is an innovation competition open to all interested individuals that work closely to the helping professionals. 

Click here to get the latest C-innocomp brochure...

Please click 
here to get application form.





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